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July 01, 2008


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The speech tour of potential VP's is a great idea. Sebelius could also speak about the environment and how much of a sham McCain's environmental record is despite the media attention. The big question is: does Bill get one? He's obviously not a VP candidate, but it might be interesting to see if he (and the Obama people) would support such an idea.


I've been thinking for a little while now that the Obama campaign team must be considering how the math is going to work here...not necessarily in just the predictable ways, e.g., electoral college math, but also in terms of the operationalized-and-imagined ideal ratio between how much he can afford to annoy folks who would NEVER vote for McCain and how much he can't.

So I've been reading this week's speeches (and MSM coverage of same), which I think probably went down the way Team Obama planned they would, as part of this experiment. Where's the line of pushback for Obama supporters? 7:3? Or smaller than that? I think Team Obama is waiting to find out, too.

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