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May 20, 2008


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J. K. Gayle

Another wonderful post.

I can only add that this is really tough stuff. Feminists--even if some, most?, many?, are staunchly for Hillary Clinton--can't be a convenient scape goat for our American troubles here. It's an American pickle we're in, not a feminist pickle or an (Oprah) African American pickle.

We all want a woman president, who is womanly, or do we?

We all want an African American president, who is black enough (by Rev. Wright's standards? Toni Morrison's?), or do we?

Are we Americans ready to get past the white male cowboy soldier guy President? (Sorry for the redundancies in that last phrase, but some day soon the invisible "natural" categories just have to be "marked.")

Joshie Juice

The assumption of universality reminds me of Judith Butler's understanding of identity as a performative politics of exclusion. What's missing in this "we?" The woman of color, of course.

And does Obama and his supporters vocalize a universal "we?" The latter have tried, but the candidate himself doesn't seem to make the gesture (kinda tough when your rhetorical value-set highlights diversity).

Righteous rhetoric of any sort is often exclusive in its universal gestures. The move mobilizes, but at what and whose cost?

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