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January 13, 2008


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Yeah, the newly crowned king of the victim class will engender so much trust. That is why my grandson says when he sees him "Oh - that is the man who will destroy America if we let him". Yes, I will always teach him that a man who tells you it is fine to live with you hand out and your mouth on the government teat is a man not to be trusted, but disdained.
Yeah, I can trust the socialist poverty-pimp Obama to turn America into a crippled whining class of entitlement addicts, but, at least my grandchildren will know by tragic example which race is capable of elevating the fortunes of men and which race will lead man back into some malignant, tribal ooze of dependents.
Their generation will not be so foolish to fall for the myth of the "oppressed class" that my generation bought into. It is just a shame that they will have to pick up the detritus left behind by an administration dedicated to the lowest common denominator.

However, with any type of grace, America will be spared an African-American president with an agenda. Maybe when he fails to win he take his effusive charm and help his cousin in Kenya set up welfare in their country and spare America the spectacle - that is if his cousin is finished with his genoocide. Can't wait for the media or Hillary or McCain to pick up on Obama's family of village dwellers.

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